Perfecting the Design and Manufacture of Quartz Heating Elements

Our Experience Works For You!

We're not the only company that makes quartz heating elements, but when other manufacturers tell you it can't be done, we usually find a way to do it.

Quartz Tubing, Inc. was founded to perfect the design and manufacture of quartz heating elements, and puts decades of research, field work and manufacturing experience to work for you. Our expertise is unequalled.

We're one of the few producers of circular and custom-shaped elements. We can make a vertical heating tube that resists early burnout. We pioneered many of the breakthroughs that set the standard in this industry, and we're still breaking new ground.

Our IQH is one example. Engineers tell us it can't possibly work, but it does -- and delivers amazing performance and benefits. It's just one more example of why we're known as The Quartz Source:© the only source you need for radiant heating solutions.

With our expertise in quartz heating technology, we're often called on to solve difficult engineering challenges. Many of our innovations are the result of intensive research and development to answer a customer's requirements.

We'll work with your engineers to design the right system for your needs in the minimum time, so you can proceed on schedule.

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