Medium Wavelength Quartz Heaters

IQH: 25% Savings Is Just The Beginning!

The new Infrared Quartz Heater (IQH) from Quartz Tubing, Inc. exploits a unique patented design to generate intense heat and respond almost instantly - as fast as halogen elements.

But unlike halogen, which wastes considerable energy as visible light, IQH emits nearly pure radiant heat. It does the same job as halogen on 25% less energy.

What's Your Hot Button?

Energy savings are just the beginning with IQH

Lower Purchase Cost
Design profitability into your applications with IQH - sells for less than halogen elements!

Longer Service Life
In normal use, IQH lasts considerably longer than halogen elements, cutting downtime and replacement cost.

Design Flexibility
IQH elements can be made in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to fit thousands of applications. No vacuums or gas backfilling, so you can put them to work nearly anywhere.

Cut Design and Production Costs
IQH powers up with none of halogen's huge current inrush. Forget about attenuation controls - you don't need them.

Environmentally Sound
Less energy waste means "greener" processes and products - increasingly important today.

Increase Your Profits and Competitiveness
Cut your customers' energy bills, downtime, and purchase cost and still earn higher profits on everything you sell using IQH