SCR Power Controls

SCR Power Controls

Reliable - Oversized, isolated SCR's with MOV, DV/DT protection and I2T Rectifier fuses standard. No phase restrictions. No transformers to wire up. No field calibration needed.

Versatile - Phase Angle Control for IR Quartz heaters. Voltage and current limit gives smooth Proportional control. Zero voltage switched, with fast, wide-ratio, auto-variable time based proportioning and no 3rd line hookup required. On/Off controls replace mechanical and mercury contactors. SCR's can cycle 1,000,000,000 times or more. No HazMat problems, no arcs or mechanical wear.

Compact - Space saving integrated thermal-mechanical designs.

Custom and Multi-zone configurations available.

Affordable - Large family of controls lets you choose what is right for your needs.

Delivery - Stocked for overnight delivery.

Product Specifications and Codes

Find your ordering code by choosing the appropriate product specifications from our list of available models.

Milliamp Output Modules

Manual Potentiometers, Solid State Relay Drivers and Input Interface modules (Dials) for use with your SCR Power Controller. Click here for available models and specifications.